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People are an essential asset in any business - Finding the right person matters!

If you go about the process alone, it can cost your company a lot of time and money to find the right candidate for the job. Don’t let that happen, list your job vacancy where you know it will be successful!

Jobs in Devonport has got you covered! When listing with us, the right candidates will come to you!

Why should you trust Job in Devonport to help you find the right person?

Jobs in Devonport is a job board that the locals trust, dedicated to helping businesses find local staff affordably and efficiently. We started small, but over the years have grown and gained respect in the Devonport community. Today, thousands of followers support our local employment networks in Devonport.

Jobs in Devonport aim to make it easier and more cost-effective for local businesses to advertise their job listings to qualified applicants. We invest our time and energy in bringing the right person to the right company and vice versa.

All businesses are different, and therefore, we offer five different job listing solutions for businesses. You are sure to find the job listing solutions that suit you!

All you have to do is choose the job listing plan that fits your needs, and you are one step closer to welcoming a newcomer to your company.

Choose one of our job listing options if you are looking for the following:

  • Fast results
  • High-quality candidates
  • Simple process
  • Powerful tools

What makes us successful in bringing the right candidate to you?

In addition to our various advertising methods, we also have a database of jobseekers from all over Tasmania. Job seekers register their experience and skills with us, and we direct them to the job that matches their profile.

This means that by simply listing a job with us, you will immediately come into contact with the candidates that fit the bill.

All our job listing plans contain the following features:

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Facebook Promotion

Social media is a powerful tool, but it can be even more powerful when used correctly.

Jobs in Devonport are experts in Facebook Marketing and will ensure that your job listing gets seen by thousands of possible candidates.

Video Creation

When it comes to advertising, video is the medium of choice!

That is why we include the creation of premium stock video in all our job listing plans to increase your visibility.

Facebook Boosting

One of our Facebook marketing methods includes “Facebook Boosting”.

This technique increases your chances of your job listing being seen by thousands of potential applicants.

Local Support

Jobs in Devonport is a business just like yours in Devonport, and that is why we feel connected to our clients.

With us, you will get all the support you need in a friendly manner.

Basic Listing



  • One Standard Listing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Social Media Boosting
  • Basic Video Creation
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Premium Listing



  • Standard Job Listing Features
  • Custom Featured Header Image
  • Logo on Job Listing
  • Youtube Video on Listing
Submit Listing

Featured Listing



  • Premium Job Listing Features
  • Job Promoted on Homepage
  • Job featured on top of job listing page.
Submit Listing

We will make the process of collecting applications effortless!

Choose our Online Application job submission option to get access to multiple application methods.

Online Applications


Collect applications online using a custom-built application form that is integrated into your listing.

Premium Listing

Get a premium listing included in the price. 

Unlimited Questions

Ask as many questions job related questions as you need.

Applications Delivered To Your Inbox

All applications are delivered straight to your inbox.

Security Screening

We scan all documents that are uploaded for malware and spam before submission.

We will make the process of collecting applications effortless!

If you do not have the time or patience to create a shortlist of candidates, do not worry, we can do that for you with our vetting service. Opt for our applicant vetting service and let us do the hard work while you focus on growing your business.

Applicant Vetting Services

starting at $500

Save time going through applications by using our vetting Service. We will conduct automated online interviews with all applicants and only forward qualified applicants to you. 

Save Time

We will only send you the most qualified candidates will be sent to you for review

Online Interviews

Applicants will go through an online job interview to make sure they are qualified for the position.

Employer Portal

All qualified applicants will appear in your employer dashboard.

Local Support

Get support from a local business in Devonport.

Long gone are the days of using old-fashion classified for jobs listing!

Our specialised service can help any company attract the most talented people!

-We make finding local staff easy! -

Jobs in Devonport is the go-to-job search website, which will provide your job listing with massive exposure! We act as a bridge between recruiters and applicants – ensuring a win-win situation for everyone!

Submit a job listing today and reach a large number of qualified applicants fast!

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