When i initially started Jobs in Devonport, it started of with nothing but a Facebook Page, in the last two years we have grown significantly to over and invested a significant amount of time and money into improving our level of service and website.
After listening to a lot of feedback about our pricing i did a complete review of our pricing structure. I found that our $5 listing price was significantly under the industry average and we were providing a lot more then the standard job board. Because of this review i have made the decision to raise our lob listing prices to $25 for a standard job listing.
The $25 price is still under the industry average but it provides a strong foundation to help the business grow.
One of the driving reasons i have made this decision is that i am looking at growing Jobs in Devonport to become a well known employment business in Devonport. Our future ambitions are provide more services to employers and job seekers and this will require further investments in the business.
The new pricing will go into effect on the 15th of April 2019

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