When you are a part of the business world, you always want to reach success as fast as possible. In order to do that, you always need to outshine the competition, and learning a second language can help you with that. By learning a new language, you get to stay in front of other companies, since you can easily reach a new market. But the advantages don’t stop here.

You can earn up to 15% more

Yes, according to BRIC Language Systems, by learning a second language you can easily earn 10-15% more than people who know just a single language. As a result, you will have a better income, and you will not have to worry about financial issues that much.

The reason why people who know a second language learn more is that there aren’t that many of them. So, the employers are willing to pay more to retain valuable, high-quality employees this way. Federal and military employees that know a second language can also earn up to 10% more than their monolingual colleagues.

A lot more job opportunities

By learning a new language, you open up to a wide spectrum of new opportunities. Many industries require people that know 2 or more languages, such as tourism, government, transportation, banking, retail, sales and so on. Even most corporations appreciate and rely on people that speak more than 2 languages.

Not only that but the US department of labor states that soon the demand for interpreters and translators will see a 42% increase. This shows that more and more companies open up to the international markets and knowing new languages can help you better cater to the needs of those companies. Proficient communication can be your primary advantage, and that can help you land any job you want with great ease.

Higher chances of landing a job

Aside from being able to access a wide spectrum of job opportunities, people that know a second language will also be preferred by employers. And there is a reason for that. Employers want someone that has as many skills as possible and which suits their requirements. If the job in question is one that requires Multilingual knowledge, then a person that mastered a second language and even a third one is going to have an advantage.

That doesn’t mean you will have to know 10 languages in order to surpass other people. But if you know 1-2 languages aside from your native one, then this will surely help you a lot. In fact, the overall knowledge level of that language matters too. If you know the language very well, at an advanced level, then obviously this will matter a lot for any employer.

Keep in mind that employers won’t take what you say for granted. They will want to put you through a test to be certain that you are indeed telling the truth. So, it’s crucial, to tell the truth in your resume and focus on learning that second language the best way you can. In the end, this will be a very helpful skill that can end up taking your career into overdrive.

Startups tend to hire only people that know multiple languages

The reason why startups want very good people that are also multilingual is that they have a limited amount of money. So, they want to hire the best people on the job market, even if there’s just a few of them. The idea is that startups are focused on value and dedication. They know that if you work hard and you are dedicated to the craft, nothing is impossible. And yes, a second language can be valuable for any startup, regardless of what it does and the type of services it delivers online.

It’s great for jobs that require a lot of traveling.

A thing to take into consideration is that a lot of jobs require traveling, and obviously this also means you have to know a second language as well. Of course, if you are a person that knows Japanese, you are most likely to be the one that goes to Japan to represent the company. This can prove to be a huge career advancement opportunity. It’s only one of the many examples where traveling can help you grow your career in a simple, yet meaningful way.

It brings you a new perspective on what you do

When you work on a project that focuses on a specific local market, it can be a good idea to know that particular language. For example, if you work on a project based in Romania, it’s important to know Romanian, as it will help you better understand the market, specificities and so on.

Plus, knowing a second language will also make research easier. You can study the local documentation, better understand what you are dealing with, and in the end, this can bring in front some really interesting, astonishing solutions that just can’t be accessed anywhere else.

You boost your resume’s power

As we mentioned above, employers love people that have a lot of skills. Learning a second language shows that you are indeed focused and dedicated. These are skills that employers want to see in a potential employee, and many times this is a crucial aspect they rely on. On top of that, your resume becomes a lot more appealing when you add one or more extra languages. It works to your advantage, and in the end, it can bring in front some outstanding solutions.

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that learning a second language is an amazing opportunity and one that will help your business grow in no time. As long as you learn a second language that’s in demand or which you are in dire need of, results can be astonishing. Do keep in mind that learning a new language does require a lot of effort, time and commitment. But if you do this, you are bound to be very happy with the overall career growth you receive because of it!

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